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I have been walking the same route through my neighborhood for years. I would describe the walk as beautiful, which it is. The truth is, I hardly see my surroundings because it’s so familiar. It takes concentration to experience a familiar path in a new way.

 I have always been intrigued by the trust that humans place in lens-based mediums, as well as the strategies that can render the illusion of depth and flatness through drawing or painting. For me, the limited view of a...

Artist Residencies

Providing Time, Space and Inspiration is the founding principle of Burren College of Art. Our Residencies provide a place to retreat, reflect, and renew outside of the demands and rigors of daily routine. Set in the centre of one of Europe's most dramatic landscapes, the Burren is a place where the power and beauty of nature envelops and invites you to expand your vision and abilities as an artist.  

We have now expanded our offerings to accommodate artists at all levels, and those seeking a greater degree of professional feedback and involvement in the College community. In addition to our ongoing BCA Artist Residency, Burren College of Art is pleased to announce our new Residency + and Burren Immersion 12-week Residency programmes, offered between September and April (see below for more information). The Residency + offers studio time combined with weekly meetings with our faculty, while the Burren Immersion:12-week Residency combines independent studio time with advisory sessions and the ability to take one or more of our undergraduate courses (without academic credit) during the semester. All of our residents are welcome to attend public discussions, visiting artist lectures, seminars, exhibitions and events throughout the year.

BCA Artist Residency 

The purpose of the BCA Artist Residency programme is to welcome artists at all stages of their lives and careers to the Burren College of Art for an uninterrupted period of creative work. It has proven to be particularly suited to emerging and established artists and faculty wishing to investigate new areas of inquiry, explore new techniques, or develop a body of work for exhibition without distraction. While our regular classes are in session during the Spring and Winter seasons, during the Summer months (May-August), we host a variety of student groups and workshops, and the level of activity on campus will vary from high to low as visiting groups come and go. Artist Residents at the Burren College of art may work in solitude or choose to interact with College life. 

  • Offered in 1-3 month intervals throughout the year
  • 24/7 access to a dedicated 4m x 4m studio space
  • Use of campus facilities: 3D lab for woodworking and metals (MIG and ARC welding tools available); a digital print lab; black and white photography darkroom; library; Wi-Fi; cafe
  • Optional attendance at exhibition openings, public lectures and film screenings, and additional campus events.

NOTE: Unlike the Residency + and Burren Immersion:12-week residencies, this program does not offer any tutorials or access to academic courses.

BCA Artist Residencies are available during the following dates in 2017/2018:


  • Monday March 6th - Friday March 31st
  • Monday April 3rd - Friday April 28th
  • Monday May 1st - Friday May 26th - NOW FULL
  • Monday May 29th - Friday June 23rd - NOW FULL
  • Monday June 26th - Friday July 21st - NOW FULL
  • Monday July 24th - Friday August 18th - NOW FULL
  • Monday August 21st - Friday September 15th - NOW FULL
  • Monday September 18th - Friday October 13th
  • Monday October 16th - Friday November 10th
  • Monday November 13th - Friday December 8th


  • Monday January 8th - Friday February 2nd
  • Monday February 5th - Friday March 2nd
  • Monday March 5th - Friday March 30th
  • Monday April 2nd - Friday April 27th
  • Monday April 30th - Friday May 25th
  • Monday May 28th - Friday June 22nd - NOW FULL
  • Monday June 25th - Friday July 20th - NOW FULL
  • Monday July 23rd - Friday August 17th
  • Monday August 20th - Friday September 14th
  • Monday September 17th - Friday October 12th
  • Monday October 15th - Friday November 9th
  • Monday November 9th - Friday December 7th

The fee in 2017 is €890 for BCA Artist Residencies.  While accommodation is not included with the Residency, we can provide applicants will a list of local housing upon request. Residents can avail of student housing for the period of their stay at the College, subject to availability.

Please contact Lisa Newman at with any questions.

TO APPLY: Complete the Residency Application Form here

Residency +

Residency + is a new hybrid residency program designed for recent graduates, current students, emerging and self-taught artists who are at a time of transition in their lives and careers. You will benefit from having the time, space and support to develop your creative practice, in addition to receiving professional guidance on where to go next with your work and/or education. This enhanced residency combines focused studio time with a weekly advisory meeting with our expert faculty.

  • Offered in 4-week long sessions during February, March, April, September, October and November
  • Weekly advisory sessions with faculty
  • 24/7 access to your own 4m x 4m studio space
  • Use of campus facilities: 3D sculpture lab, digital print lab, black and white photography darkroom, library and free Wi-Fi throughout the campus
  • Optional attendance at exhibition openings, public lectures and film screenings, and additional campus events.

The monthly fee for the Residency + programme is €1140.  Accommodation is separate.

TO APPLY: Complete the Residency Application Form here

Burren Immersion:12-Week Residency

This 12-week residency programme is aimed at artists who are looking for an extended period in the Burren to develop their practice, along with the benefit of engaging in alternative forms of learning. Our BCA staff will work with you to create a fully bespoke residency program which best suits your needs by providing the options of weekly tutorials with our resident or visiting faculty, and the ability to audit one or more classes (non-credit) from our range of undergraduate courses (subject to availability and approval).  For example: Our Irish Studies course will introduce you to the land, history and culture of Ireland through lectures and regular field trips to the Burren and its environments.  We also offer a variety of studio courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and performance art. 

  • Offered as a12-week long session during academic semesters (January - March 17 and September 4 - November 24 in 2017)
  • Weekly advisory sessions with faculty
  • Ability to take one or more of our undergraduate courses (non-credit and subject to availaibility and approval)
  • 24/7 access to your own 4m x 4m studio space
  • Use of campus facilities: 3D sculpture lab, digital print lab, black and white photography darkroom, library and free Wi-Fi throughout the campus
  • Participation in the College community through group events during orientation week, and attending exhibition openings, lectures and events.
  • An Open Studio session to display and gain public feedback on your work

The base cost for this programme is €5500, which includes studio fees and accommodation in our campus housing at a discounted rate for the 3 months.  Additional courses may be added at €720 per course.

To apply for this program, please indicate on the application form below that you would like to participate in the Burren Immersion:12-Week Residency, and include information about what your goals are with the program, as well as courses that you may be interested in auditing.  Please contact Lisa Newman at for more information and any questions. 

TO APPLY: Complete the Residency Application Form here

NOTE: While we make every effort to accommodate persons with various abilities, if you have physical limitations which would prevent you from walking along narrow country roads between the College and Ballyvaughan, we highly recommend you consider renting a car for at least part of your stay.  This is also recommended for anyone wishing to explore the Burren, nearby cities or other parts of Ireland on their own schedule.

Invoice Payment

Cancellation Policy

The Burren College of Art accepts no obligation to refund any fee or part thereof within 4 weeks before the start of the programme.

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