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Creative Difference Programmes

We live at a time when transformational change is inevitable.  This is both exciting and challenging.  This is a moment when what artists know about creative process and its application to real problems and opportunities has relevance far beyond the confines of the art studio.  Familiarity with creative process is needed to infuse and transform education processes, organisational and corporate life and personal life.

At the Burren College of Art, we are dedicated to the transfer of creative process across fields and disciplines.  For the last five years we have developed new immersive and transformative short courses to educate non-artists in the principles and procedures of creative processes.  These courses are adapted from the studio research methods of our MFA / PhD in Studio Art programme and they represent a significant development in knowledge transfer through creativity.

We have successfully taught these courses to masters and PhD students across the university curriculum, as well as business leaders, academics, engineers, lawyers and biochemists.  They are now available to further university disciplines and to executives, community organisers and individual professionals.

Background: the idea of universal human creativity

When the German conceptual artist, Joseph Beuys, said "everyone is an artist" he meant that all human beings have the potential to be creative in every walk of life, and that all human endeavour has the potential to rise to the level of art.  Following his vision and leadership, Burren College of Art's new courses introduce people who do not see themselves as artists to new potential through the creative process.  Almot everyone is an artist as a child, though few continue in adulthood as a result of the socialization process of schooling.  Our courses bring the wisdom of childhood i.e. the spirit of enquiry, play and openness to possibility, to bear on your problems and unfulfilled potential.

There are no expectations that you, your students or your management team will have any artistic ability beyond that which you had at the age of 4 years.  If you don't know how to be mischievous you cannot succeed at creative enterprise.  Creativity is transgressive and transformative and includes  strategies to succeed with adventure, risk, change, chaos and chance because luck only favours the prepared.  Education has often been based on traditional principles such as order, organisation, obedience, which is why so little education prepares students for the contemporary world.  Businesses are often based on the same principles, which is why so many of them fail.  Everyone can be lucky, but some never get to see their opportunities.  The strategies that artists work with all the time can be transferred to you.  Involving a great deal of laughter, these courses are an education in how to be lucky.

If you are interested in developing the creative aspects of your academic, personal, organizational or business life - then one of the our courses may suit you, or we can develop a new course to fulfil your needs.